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smart club
Smart club is a new to the market wholesale format from MPPA.

With the significant number convenience retail throughout the country the wholesale distribution segment in Indonesia has tremendous potential.

Through a well considered strategy of channel market share evaluation, brand differentiation and format segmentation was applied to all retail channels of MPPA resulting in the identification of a wholesale format opportunity

Building on the core operational & merchandise strengths, retail development & land bank ownership, a new management team was sourced and tasked with building the first wholesale business for MPPA.

Best practiced role models from the region and globally were bench marked and then critically re-evaluated to match local needs and leap frog where appropriate to create new merchandise or customer service programs that would be unique in the market place.

The wholesale environment was completely reevaluated from category definition and adjacencies through to a new plan type.  New signature coloration, brand and retail graphic programs were introduced as a consistent brand communication layer.  The interior architecture references a simple and clear environment and elements to help customers focus on the task at hand.

rkd retail/iQ was responsible for the strategic brief, all retail planning & design, name generation, all graphic communications, and construction documentation and is currently rolling the program out to selected locations throughout Indonesa.

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