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building on our over 12 year relationship with Waltermart, r/iQ developed a retainer based consulting service agreement.  over a contract period of 9 months r/iQ and WM worked very closely on a wide variety of projects for their various retail and retail development formats.

without the constraint of a single contract for a single project, the working relationship was free to work on all projects at the same time.  changes in program or priorities were of no consequence while new opportunities were explored as they arose without contract amendments.

with currently available technology communication was actually improved with 2 face to face meetings with the WM teams’ via zoom per week.  the efficiency was significantly improved as all client and consultant teams’ were focused on the entire WM group.

Waltermart group is a leading retailer in the Philippines with 25 community shopping, 10 department stores, 30 supermarkets and the leading consumer electronics format abensons with 120 stores.

during the r/iQ retainer based consulting service of 2020 for WM, r/iQ was able to accomplish:

- WM community malls new G2 and implemented into 8 newly constructed malls.

- WM supermarket new G3 and implemented into 5 newly constructed mall based stores.

- WM new convenient store, Wally, format G1 and implemented into 7 newly constructed locations.

- WM department store G2 and implemented into 6 newly constructed mall based stores

- Abenson G3 and implemented into 8 newly stores, 2 free standing flagships and 6 mall based stores.
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