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skap women's
king glory, shenzhen
Establish in 1987, Longhao is a leading Chinese footwear and accessory retailer/manufacturer with partnerships of leading international brands Timberland and Nike for China market and over time have developed their own retail/product brands, SKAP and Dragonsea. 
Skap, currently with more than 500 locations throughout China was established in 1999 and is primarily recognized as a men’s brand.  Skap has evolved women’s merchandise over time and now is represented by a more fashionable merchandise assortment.  Skap Women now has 25 free standing stores and a considerable amount of women concepts within standard Skap stores.
Building on Skap’s exceptional consistent customer service and operation expertise presenting a high quality merchandise assortment composed of the latest fashion, materials and craftsmanship, Skap women’s target is evolving toward a younger fashion forward customer.
rkd retail/iQ has been engaged to revitalize the retail brand environment to establish a retail brand position that matches newly evolved fashion forward women’s merchandise and was responsible for all retail planning, design and brand communications.

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