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In a considered effort to increase the strength and marketability of their retail offer, Central Department Store (CDS), the leading department store chain in Thailand, combine their existing categories of books, stationery and music + movie software into one new branded environment within their department stores. 

B2S was conceived as the destination of choice for an expanded assortment of: Thai, English and Japanese language books and magazines, stationery, art supplies and a focused assortment of international and Thai music + movie software and accessories.

The core customer demographic of CDS has always been the A level customer.  However this customer is maturing and attracting the younger customers with perhaps more disposable income has been a challenge. 

Beyond the superior merchandise assortment, B2S was to speak a younger more contemporary language in terms of the retail experience. The planning, design and graphic communication all work as one to create the branded department within the department store.  To assist with the clarity of the B2S impression there are no branded vendor shops within the department except for the selected coffee shop tenants.  In the case of this location it is Starbucks. 

Design concept is a clear and organized fixture system that promotes a dominate merchandise presentation in a comfortable self selection environment. Merchandise categories are divided with carefully selected coloration and graphic communication system.  A simple race track plan type was developed that clearly exposes customers to all retail offers and is anchored by a internet café and customer service center. 

retail/iQ assisted the leading retailer in Thailand to create a new to the market category killer of books, stationery and music/movie software into one new branded environment, B2S.  The dominate format size and category combination combine to create the destination of choice that has realized tremendous success since it’s launch to the public. 

As the retail consultant our responsibilities were to create the strategic brief, retail planning + design and all graphic communications.

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