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chun store G2
Huaxie group in an effort to establish a presence in the greater shanghai area JVed with chun store, a Taiwanese expat store with multiple locations.  Chun store had developed a loyal following of customers who appreciated their Taiwan sourced and own fresh and fresh frozen merchandise of high quality dumplings, noodles and other selected imported food stuffs.

To jump start their expansion program and build on the existing good will, the name chun store was maintained as new sites were selected and a refined next generation was developed. 

G2 merchandise assortment was refined and supplemented to create a more dominate convenient fresh supermarket component combine with a complete casual all day in-store dining concept that features ingredients of the same merchandise that is available in the store.

rkd retail/iQ was responsible to align the retail strategy with all creative expressions including brand + environmental graphic programs, retail planning + design and construction documentation for the prototype location in Suzhou.

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