rkd retail/iQ
el vivo
mixc, chengdu
Based on an identified opportunity, a new to the market format focused on health with a philosophy of “good life to all” (not just the top level customer), was developed.
With store sizes ranging from 180 to 250 m2 occupying shopping center and stand alone high street tenant locations, China Resources Vanguard would leverage their significant retail and distribution expertise to roll out the program to selected cities throughout China.
Building on the “good life to all” philosophy simple category definition was agreed to clearly communicate the retail offer benefits with the customer.  Even within the relatively small environment, category by color communications were created to identify beauty/skin care (green) cosmetic (pink) health care (blue).
rkd retail/iQ had been engaged to focus the retail brand environment and establish a retail brand position that matches “the good life to all” philosophy and was responsible for all retail planning, design and brand communications.

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