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blt* G3
originally blt* was developed as a young and fashionable step down format below the positioning of Ole’.  blt* G2 moved to a more thematic and decorative solution architecturally while the merchandise assortment improved in variety and quality.

As expected the G2 design concept became out of date more quickly and the time is correct to refocus blt* with a concept that is more appropriate to the current market and evolving customer profile.  blt* G3 returns to the origins with a new integrated retail concept that is young and fashionable that would be at home in any international city.

The design concept is simple and clear in planning, architecture, graphics and materials.

r/iQ was responsible for the strategic brief, format positioning and all creative expressions of retail planning, architecture + interior design, all graphic and packaging programs and construction documentation.  r/iQ is currently rolling out blt* G3 concept is selected locations in china.
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