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Hyper-mart is the hypermarket format of Bubugao, headquartered in Hunan province in central china.

As part of a continued expansion initiative, rkd retail/iQ was engaged to develop the hyper-mart G2 concept.  Building clearly on the existing and in-house strengths of the hyper-mart to date, specific improvements were identified for inclusion in the G2 program.  

All design initiatives were to be an extension of the merchandise presentation to communicate dominance, price and an in stock position.

The standard category adjacencies were reconfigured to emphasize more complete worlds of CEA, fashion/home and food.  This simplification of category definition strengthened all aspects of the retail plan, design and graphic communication. 

Clear circulation is key, with easy orientation and exposure to all offers with self-determination of shopping pattern based on customer preference most often 2 separate entrances.

Even within hyper-mart customer profile position at the B- / C level, customers are more informed, more aspirational and more focused on improving their family’s lives.  G2 was not to change positions in the market and alienate their core customer, however we would not talk down to the customer and it was the role of retail to educate the customer and show them the future and create a format that would continue to attract younger customers.

rkd retail/iQ developed all creative expressions of the hyper-mart G2 in terms strategy, concept, planning + design, graphic communication and construction documentation and are currently implementing the program in selected locations in central China.

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