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mppa hypermart
Hypermart is the hypermarket format from MPPA.

a well considered strategy of brand differentiation and format segmentation was applied to all retail channels of MPPA. A result, Hypermart G7 is the next generation evolution of MPPA’s hyper market format.

With the creation of a new global bench mark Hypermart G7, MPPA had launched their new growth vehicle to revitalize the brand and exercise market dominance.  In a bold move G7 was applied to a roll back program of the top 10 stores in Indonesia.  Using a well planned sequential schedule and closing the locations for a 2 month period to completely realize the new G7 within each resulted in a sustained sales up lift of 40%.

Building on market leading core operational & merchandise strengths, an expanded emphasis on the fresh merchandise categories was committed to supplement the enhanced dry grocery and non food offer.

The retail environment was completely reevaluated from category definition and adjacencies through to a new plan type.  New signature coloration, updated brand and retail graphic programs were introduced as a consistent brand communication layer.  The interior architecture references a dramatic and modern environment to help customers orient within the store and exposure to all offers.

rkd retail/iQ was responsible for the strategic brief, all retail planning & design, all graphic communications, and construction documentation and is currently rolling the program out to selected locations throughout Indonesia.

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