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Group rkd retail/iQ is full service retail design consultancy specialized in delivering complete branded retail environments across all retail formats and channels.

retail planning + design, retail + environmental graphics, retail architecture, retail strategy

Through our convergent process of retail strategy and retail planning + design, we partner with clients who share a common vision of positioning their retail brand in the competitive world market.

align the project objectives

retail strategy
A delicate balance of program requirements prioritized with our “fresh eye” approach. Formalization of the existing financial, brand and implementation baselines through an easy to assimilate process of discovery that give real purpose to the strategic initiatives and objectives while creating the best opportunity for position sustainability, market share and return on investment.

"create the retail brand building components"

retail planning + design
Design focused on delivering an emotional response to the strategic objectives. Fiscally responsible brand building through creative expressions and retail models that track performance to deliver measurable results in store.

"just add projects and stir"

the important software
Attract great people with varied backgrounds, nationalities and experiences. Organize them in a superior working environment of expression and exposure, with superior technology, first hand access to global experience and turn them lose on great projects.
We don’t tell everyone how much fun it is, but it’s contagious.
Who are we?
Group rkd retail/iQ is 50+ professionals dancing to the same beat, your retail business. We believe retail people are born, not made. It is the only way we can describe, analyze or rationalize why we can’t stop dancing.
why not!
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