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zing home
Zing Home is the first domestic household items retail chain in china.  Established in 2008 and 111th in chain store ranking as of June 2016, Zing has a development plan between 2014 – 2018 to increase to 500 locations using the fast fashion model and applied to household fashion accessories.

rkd retail/iQ was engaged to develop the next generation of the Zing home concept to reenergize the brand and create the growth format for their expansion in tier 1, 2 and 3 cities throughout china, Zing is currently most active in their home market around the pearl river delta.

The entire retail environment was redesigned from the inside out with new exterior architecture façade concept to define the tenant space and highlight the new Zing Home brand in a refined brand green, while the new interior retail design concept was fashioned with simple and clean fixturing and detail.

rkd retail/iQ developed all creative expressions of the Zing Home G2 in terms strategy, concept, planning + design, graphic communication and construction documentation and are currently implementing the program in selected locations in southern China.
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