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The most luxurious airport retail experience will open in the new “interim” terminal 3 at Abu Dhabi airport, home of Etihad Airways.  ADAC Abu Dhabi Airports Company selected Duty Free Shoppers, DFS as their retail partner to develop retail that would be appropriate to this Emirate’s aspirations.

For the first time DFS had the opportunity to implement within an airport environment a complete yet scaled down version of a DFS Galleria, which is normally reserved for selected downtown locations. 

The main T3 departures location provided a direct link between check in/security and departure concourse and gates with 100% circulation and exposure.  Two main corridors, one of a boutique hall where 10 of the top global brands will implement their latest shop concepts, while the other corridor of multi-brand will present top brands in a shop in shop implementation within a modern interpretation of Islamic details and materials. 

Both routes lead to the center two level open space with the upper level housing the food and beverage concept while the main retail level presents a significant and dominant assortment of cosmetics, perfume.  

Featured around the circulation aisle of this two level space is a high street interpretation of specialty shops of luxury watches, gold, liquor and selected service shops.  All circulation passes through selected foods and destinations merchandise as an exit category to the departure concourse and gates.

Additionally five smaller shops throughout landside and airside of Terminals 3 and 2 were implemented from a single simpler concept.

Inspired by the tremendous heritage of the regions history and architecture, contemporary interpretations were studied and developed to provide a contextual link and a sense of place, which is often lost in today’s jet set life style.  

Materials were carefully crafted to enhance the ambient luxury while an interesting play of warm and cools were mixed throughout, again as an important regional reference. 

rkd retail/iQ created all creative expressions of the retail concept: retail planning + design, retail + environmental graphics and construction documentation.

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