rkd retail/iQ
DFS duty free
international airport T2, mumbai
India has privatized all of their major international airports in an effort to quickly bring these important links up to international standard. 

As part of this considered effort to improve all aspects of the airport aesthetic, operation and amenities, DFS, Duty Free Shoppers, was selected as the key Duty Free retail operator in both arrivals and departures of terminals 2B and 2C.

Retail was constructed concurrently with the re-planning and renovation of the airport terminal and all were opened together in phases while the airport maintained full operation during the entire process.  Fun.
The planning and design of the four DFS locations took on an overall consistent, simple and contemporary design theme to highlight the categories on offer and to contrast the hectic organization of the city itself.

rkd retail/iQ created all creative expressions of the retail concept: retail planning and design, retail and environmental graphics and construction documentation.

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