rkd retail/iQ
Marchiori is a developing young and fashion forward Chinese footwear and accessory retailer/manufacturer brand.  Operating in a very competitive retail segment, Marchiori was striving for a clear differentiation in their next generation retail concept.

The first step of the process was name and brand refinement.  As Marchiori is a difficult name to remember as well as pronounce for a native Chinese speaker it was agreed to abbreviate the name to Mari.  The shorter name is significantly more effective for name recognition and brand communication opportunities.

Within the retail environment and an eclectic combination materials, colors and forms were conceived.  Ultra chic internally illuminated panels define the perimeter while a collection of baroque item tables create contrasting points of interest for mid-floor merchandise presentation. 

rkd retail/iQ has been engaged to focus the retail brand environment to establish a retail brand position that matches the young and fashion forward women’s merchandise and was responsible for all retail planning, design and brand communications.

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