rkd retail/iQ
Based on the successful launch and implementation of SB Design Square in multiple locations and tenant relationships since 2004, the opportunity was realized to develop their first free standing development.  The southern Thailand resort island of Phuket was selected as the logical choice based on the customer profile and quantity of up-market residential developments in various stages of planning and construction.

As SB Design Square had always been a tenant in a development done by others, the Phuket location presented a great opportunity to introduce to the market a signature architecture that complimented the overall brand strategy.

Sophisticated and contemporary resort themes were mixed with simple materials and details to create an architecture that supports the overall brand position of SB Design Square to be the contemporary living solutions provider in the market place. 

Beyond the architecture concept, a prototypical SB Design Square was implemented on 2 levels with available tenant space for let available on the ground floor and the 3 level

rkd retail/iQ was responsible for all creative expressions: retail master planning, architecture, brand and environmental graphic programs, retail planning + design, construction documentation and is currently rolling out the freestanding program across multiple locations.  

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