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Central Retail, a leading SE Asia multichannel retailer and retail developer realized an opportunity to enter the wholesale channel in Thailand with a new to the market wholesale format, GO Wholesale. From a customer profile perspective GO Wholesale is welcoming to all, upmarket B2C customers through to serious B2B business owner operators. GO presents a dominant assortment, superior freshness and benchmark services and undeniable value in a fresh comfortable environment.

all Go Wholesale’s industry  leading management strengths of  merchandise assortment, distribution, operation and customer service  expertise, GO will introduce complete one-stop B2B solutions across all 4 customer profile tiers while communicating clarity of offer,  service, price and convenience.

To color position the new format in a very competitive environment, a bright and fresh color scheme was introduced.  With a nod to the original signature colors of Central Department Store as well as the Thai national flag, the new signature colors and abstract artistic iconology were the “umbrella” design communication used consistently across the entire environment.

A signature concept “basket of freshness”

A signature concept “basket of freshness” design element was created to frame the midfloor fresh market zone and provide a visual cue to the clear circulation.

A plan type that was developed to  showcase the dominant mid floor fresh category leading with bakery, fruit and vegetable flowing to dairy and frozen, seafood and meat.

Key serviced fresh categories of seafood and meat are anchored as end of aisle focus categories and featured under a dynamic drop ceiling element of emphasis.

Non-fresh categories were placed in high racking aisles located to the left and right perimeters of fresh mid-floor area.  Visually strong end cap elements create clear orientation and signify subcategory and promotion. Overstock high racking aisle depths have been carefully considered to make the customer journey clear, focused and as convenient as possible, To consolidate Central Retail’s communication and minimize brand proliferation, the name GO was provided to build synergy with Central Retail’s Vietnam operation.

rkd retail/iQ was responsible for all creative expressions of retail planning, design, architecture, graphics and construction documentation, using the previously developed name and brand logo for the new to the market GO wholesale format. rkd retail/iQ developed the initial prototype and is in the process of a selected roll out the program as well as developed the retail implementation standards for CR to implement the program with their in-house resources going forward.
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