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In 2002, rkd retail/iQ developed the definitive retail concept for Big C.  Referred to as G3, the retail plan type, category adjacencies, retail design, brand and retail communications all combine to create the benchmark not only for Big C in Thailand but for Casino Group worldwide.  At that time the program was successfully implemented into all new and existing locations. 

Like all retail programs, what was once new and innovative had been internalized by the industry and was no longer on the edge.  G3 had served Big C well, however it was time set the new benchmark.

In many countries around the world the supercenter/hypermarket format has under performed for the last few years for a variety of reasons.  Saturation from intense competition is often given as the primary reason, however rkd retail/iQ suspects that customers are bored from the supercenter experience and it is time to revolutionize the format from the inside out.

Even within Big C’s customer profile position at the C level, customers are more informed, more aspirational and more focused on improving their family’s lives.  

As in G3, Big C G4 was not to change positions in the market and alienate their core customer.  However rkd retail/iQ also insisted we would not talk down to the customer and it was the role of retail to educate the customer and show them the future and create a format that would continue to attract younger customers.

The standard category adjacencies were reconfigured to emphasize the worlds of fashion, home and market.  This simplification of category definition strengthened all aspects of the retail plan, design and graphic communication.  Within each world, key categories were identified as lifestyle leaders an given emphasis in terms of location and design.    

rkd retail/iQ developed all creative expressions of the Big C G4 in terms strategy concept, planning + design and graphic communication.  The G4 concept will be tested in selected new locations and retrofitted across all locations.

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