rkd retail/iQ
holpe G4
pinghu, shenzhen
with technology brands introducing new smart phones as often as apparel brands launch new clothing there is no doubt that beyond the functional aspect of the gadgets what we are really talking about is fashion technology.

fashion and  product and life cycles influences certainly trickle down to the store environment.  as tastes change and the customer base becomes more informed, naturally their expectations evolve as well. 

Holpe G4 has evolved to exceed the customer expectations.

The G4 concept was conceived and developed as the primary format that facilitates replication through simplicity while focusing consistency and clarity of technology message.  The customer journey of holpe G4 promotes easy self-selection through the 5 touch points of connect, explore, experiment, close the deal and next time relationship.
hople’s industry recognized superior customer service programs are the clear the link within a consistent hople branded environment via a dominate open sell merchandise presentation across all brands and technologies.

Capitalizing on the brand building momentum of holpe +, the holpe G4 concept is to be the growth format that will be implemented into the overwhelming majority of locations.  holpe has the immediate through mid-term intention to significantly increase the number of new stores well beyond their current 300 locations. 

rkd retail/iQ was responsible for the strategic brief, all creative expressions: name generation, brand and environmental graphic programs and retail planning + design, construction documentation.  rkd retail/iQ is currently rolling out the program across multiple locations throughout China.
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